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Salmon Homecoming Project

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​​The salmon homecoming project has been successfully run for a number of years in selected primary schools in the Trust area. Children are given responsibility for hatching salmon eggs in the classroom and looking after the alevins until they are ready to be transferred to the hatchery at Cynrig, near Brecon. Once the fry have grown sufficiently, the children will either release them into the river, or visit the hatchery to see 'their' fish. 

The project has been extremely well received by the schools, and each year requests to participate exceed the places we have available. We have developed and refined the equipment each year, and we now use beer coolers to maintain the water temperature at the required 10​​​°C to 12°C!

Millbank Primary School in Cardiff have developed a web page which describes their participation in the Salmon Homecoming in 2011. Click the link below to find out more.

Millbank Primary Salmon Homecoming Page​