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​River Restoration Course

The South East Wales Rivers Trust and other partners have worked in conjunction with Natural Resources Wales and Agored Cymru to develop a new course in River Restoration. The Trust is piloting the new qualification that will lead to a Level One certificate in the Qualification and Credit Framework.

The course is aimed at anyone over the age of 14 years who is interested in river conservation. Primarily based outdoors, the Trust is offering hands-on experience and training in the basic skills required in conservation and preservation of the natural habitat. There are 3 compulsory modules and 4 additional modules:

  • Preparing to work on rivers
  • Health and Safety when working outdoors
  • River Environments and Man's impact
  • Maintaining Biosecurity
  • Practical skills for River Restoration
  • Carrying out a river walkover survey
  • Using an ordnance survey map

A full outline of the course can be found on the Agored Cymru website:

River Restoration Course outline​

Running throughout spring and early summer of 2015 students are expected to spend about 72 hours working on the qualification. The course is being monitored and assessed by the accredited trainers Cambium Sustainable.


If you would like to speak to anyone at the Trust please fill in the Contact Us form on this website. Regular updates on the progress of our students will be posted on our Facebook page.​


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Our students will learn many practical, transferrable skills in a great classroom!