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Within the South East Wales Valleys and the Clun catchment water pollution in local rivers is a big problem and improvements are needed to make them cleaner and safer places for both people and wildlife. Your help is crucial to this, and in order to prevent pollution we need you to check the plumbing in your home.

How could my house be causing pollution?

Dirty water from your house could potentially be draining into our local rivers if your pipes are connected into the wrong sewerage system. This can happen when a new appliance is plumbed in, when a property is extended or renovated, or even when a building was originally constructed.

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How does this happen?

For most houses built after 1920 waste water drains into a separate sewer system allowing clean rainwater to drain into surface water which goes into a local river or beach. If any dirty water pipes from appliances, sinks, baths, showers or toilets are connected to the surface water drains, these can pollute your local rivers and beaches. Similarly, if gutters and drains for rainwater are wrongly connected, they send clean water into the foul water drains which can overwhelm it causing the drains to overflow and flood.

 Who's responsible?

The property owner is responsible for fixing any misconnections, even if these were in place prior to taking over ownership of the property. It's often cheap and simple to fix. If you fail to fix a missed connection, you're directly impacting your local environment and can face a fine of up to £50,000.​

Is your property at risk of having misconnected pipes?

If you answer yes to any of these questions please get your property checked out.

  • 1. Was your property built after the 1920's?
  • 2. Have there been changes to the original drainage?
  • 3. Have there been any extensions or alterations, new bathrooms, toilets or kitchens installed?
  • 4. Are any pipes connected to rainwater downpipes?
  • 5. Do you have an outside toilet or appliances in garages, sheds or outbuildings?

Who can help?

Contact Dwr Cymru, Rhondda Cynon Taf Building Control, or a Water Safe​ plumber for help and advice on identifying and fixing your missed connections. Authorities prefer to work with houseowners on a voluntarily basis to get your misconnections fixed, so getting it sorted need not be scary!