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The Yellowfish Campaign

What is Yellowfish?

Yellowfish is a campaign to raise awareness of water pollution, highlighting to people just how close their drains are to the rivers, and to encourage them to think twice about pouring stuff away.

Most people are unaware that most open drains you see are surface drains, designed to take rainwater directly to the nearest stream or waterway. By pouring things such as oils, paints, solvents, chemicals or dirty water down highway gullies and surface drains, they directly enter local watercourses, killing fish, birds and other wildlife. Even tiny quantities of some of these chemicals can have huge impacts on wildlife, as when invertebrates in rivers are impacted there's a knock on effect for fish and bird populations.

Oil accounts for a 20% of all water pollution incidents in Wales, and these have huge impacts as just one litre of oil can contiminate up to one million litres of water, poisoning animals, smothering plants, and even causing small sewage treatment plants to stop working. They can also have big impacts for the perpetrators​, as individuals and businesses can be fined up to £50,000, or up to 3 months imprisonment, for dumping oil, in addition to paying the clean up costs!

​Disposing of problem substances

Waste engine oil should be taken to your nearest oil bank for disposal, find yours at​​ or call 08708 506 506 to find yours.

Other substances

Within Rhondda Cynon Taff there are a number of Community Recycling Centres that take Oils and Paints. Check on the council website here​ to see what can be disposed of at your local facility or call Rhondda Cynon Taff Council on 01443 425001 for advice on disposal.

Can I get involved?

​​The Yellowfish campaign involves marking surface drains around the catchment with Yellow Chalk Fish. This is run in conjunction with publicity and literature to remind people that what goes down the drain goes straight into the environment! We're integrating our version of the programme to also incorporate QR codes, so if you spot a fish on the street you can snap the code and it'll take you right to our page here full of literature​

If you're interested at getting involved in the Yellowfish Campaign in the Clun catchment at all, be it hosting a yellowfish session, participating in a volunteer group or assisting with the programme then we'd be more than happy to hear from you. Get in touch by emailing​ or calling 07974 070560.