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You and Your River

The ‘You and Your River Session’ is an ‘in the classroom’ programme that has been developed to provide hands-on learning, with multi-subject curriculum links, whilst reducing the need and costs involved in travelling to an appropriate venue, or completeing risk assessments and is in no way weather dependent.

It has three levels of complexity to allow focus to be shifted dependent on the group’s priorities. For example the ‘Keystage 2 worksheet’ (a one page worksheet comprised of a written sample description, recording table, 2 simple calculations and 2 ‘value thermometers’) will either allow the session to be completed more quickly or more time to be spent investigating the sample. Whereas the ‘ Keystage 3 worksheet’, (a two page worksheet comprised of a written sample description, recording table several calculations, bar chart of results and biotic index/water quality table) will allow more detailed analysis of the data recorded, more scope for follow on activities and satisfies a wider range of curriculum links.

All sessions revolve around the investigation of a sample of invertebrates taken from the River Taff. This can be done by groups of children or by using a USB microscope and projector as appropriate/desired.

For more information please contact us for a session plan and example of the worksheets we use.