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​​Living River ***New for 2018***

The Living River session uses a large play-mat style map of a river and large hand-made props to tell the story of the development of the river alongside the human populations. 

At the start of the session the students are transported back to the last ice-age when the river was untouched by mankind. The play-mat shows a pristine wooded river valley and all of the creatures that lived there. As we talk together about the development of civilisation we add deforrested areas and manmade structures to the map. As the civilisations become more advanced the river-scape changes through the middle ages, pre-industrial age, industrial age into the modern post-industrial age showing how the river, wildlife and landscape has been modified throughout history.

Throughout the session the students are invited to ask and answer questions using their knowledge and problem solving abilities and to add or remove props from the map to help the story unfold. The story is closely linked to the local history of the River Taff and its tributaries allowing the students to feel connected to the story and relate it to their local environment.

​Whilst we currently don't have exact running times of the session, as it is currently untrialed, we expect the session to take most of an afternoon and be most suitable for ages 9-11.​ If you would like your students to be involved in the development of this promising and exciting new session please contact Jen on