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​​​​Outdoor education at school

If you already have a nature gaden or area at your school the Gwyl Taf team can help lead a wide range of outdoor education sessions in your designated area to improve the area or their experience outdoors. However, if you don't currently have a nature garden the Gwyl Taf team can work with you and your students to transform a small neglected area of your grounds or yard into a valuable are for both your students and the local nature to enjoy.

In previous years we have worked with Ysgol-y-graig to re-claim an old, neglected, river-side playing field from an invasion of hogweed and a fallen tree to make it a more usable space. The Gwyl Taf team cleared and processed the fallen Ash tree which was then used by the conservation club to fill a insect hotel to attract more bugs to the area.

YYG fallen ash.jpg 

 YYG CC building I Hotel.jpgYYG CC Insect hotel.jpg

YYG insect hotel.jpg

Invasive pondweed  and large amounts of silty sedimant was also cleared from a medium sized pond with help from the conservation club, a number of years in a row with signifcant benefits seen over the period of work. The number of freshwater invertebrates increased dramaticlly after the first clearance in during successive clearances we found smooth and​ palmate newts, frogs and toads - much to the delight of both the conservation club and the Gwyl Taf team.

The pond before the first clearance:

YYG pond before.jpg Pond pre-clearance.JPG

The pond after cleara​nce:

 YYG pond after.jpg Pond - post clearance.JPG

YYG CC pond.jpg YYG frog.jpg newt.jpg

As a final ​experience for the students we lead a river dip in the section of river just below their school. We took the bugs we caught back upto the classroom for the children to get a better look as part of the You and Your River session.

YYG river dip.jpg YYG river dip1.jpg