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​​​​Tributary of River Ely the River Mychydd

Our 1st job on the tributary was to remove a weir that was used to abstract water for a local trout farm.  It acted as a barrier for fish migration and floods had started to erode the bank.   Our task was to remove the weir and reinforce the bank.   The following pictures show work carried out

Original Weir.jpg

This obstruction is to be removed, it is a blockage to fish migration and its cutting its way into the opposite bank causing erosion.

almost removed.jpg

Our local contractor using an hydraulic chisel to cut away the weir

Almost complete.jpg 

The contractor has removed the obstructing weir and is reinforcing the bank using the rubble.   This run is now, after recent floods a nice clear channel full of excellent gravels.



This is one of several tree blockages that cause major problems on the river by not allowing access by fish and allowing debris to accumulate.


apologies for the poor quality of photo, this is another blockage which caused the river to cut a new channel

IMG_20161101_123959092 (1).jpg 

Another tree which if it falls will block the channel.

Stumps of tree blockage.jpg

1st Blockage removed

Lower blockage removal.jpg

2nd blockage and overhanging trees removed.  By removing all of the blockages, SEWRT and our local contractor have opened up this extremely important river enabling fish to access the headwaters to spawn.